Based on the RA Legislation, as well as the international agreements and norms the Firm carries out negotiations on behalf of its clients, compiles contracts and agreements related to the trade activities of different complexity and size.

The Firm has constructed contracts and agreement on purchase, sale and delivery services; contractor services for capital construction; and real estate transaction including, as well as other contracts.

The Firm’s scope of provided services on commercial law also include drafting, signing, modification or termination of freight contracts, warehouse storage contracts, financial leasing and agency contracts, international transportation contracts; conducting negotiations on entrepreneurial system (franchising) license and marketing agreements and providing expert advice.

The Firm consults on international trade law, international transactions, supports local and foreign companies in signing contracts, and establishing commercial relations; carries out legal regulation of investment activities, provides advice to avoid double taxation under the RA legislation and international treaties, as well as consults on foreign investment benefits.

The Firm also offers administration of Commercial Arbitration cases, ensuring fair and unbiased solutions of disputes without undue delays and expenditures.