The Firm’s practice covers all aspects of intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, and trade press, copyrights, trade secrets, rights of publicity and unfair competition. The Firm also provides consulting on signing contracts of intellectual property as well as realizes judicial protection of the client’s intellectual property.

The services provided by the Firm in the sphere of intellectual property rights include legal services to the show-business (TV, Radio, Internet, advertising, etc.) as well.

Our Firm protects your ideas, recognition and exclusivity of your rights and its security. Services provided by the Firm in this sphere are directly relative to the requirements of our clients, providing them with complete protection of copyright and related rights. The Firm also assists organizations to increase the effectiveness of management of intellectual property objects, making them invulnerable.

The Firm provides expert services in drafting intellectual property law reform; drafting and expertise of legal acts, as well as in the issues of application of international legal instruments of intellectual property law, etc.