The Firm provides legal services to all types of juridical persons, commercial and non-commercial organizations established under the RA Law, including all aspects of corporate transactions: drafting joint venture agreements, developing business and investment planning, establishing branches and representations of the international companies; representation at the state registration entities; reorganization of the companies (merger, accession, division, detachment, reorganization), distribution and acquisition of company’s shares and stocks, establishment of managing bodies and their authorities; construction of internal corporate packages of the companies, obtaining the required licenses and patents for realization of economic activities; represents client’s interests in all public instances and courts related to this area; and provides advice on legal basis of business management and the legislation of the sphere, as well as carries out processes on rehabilitation of solvency and runs proceedings on bankruptcy (insolvency).

The Firm specializes in providing of legal services to the non-profit organizations including the foundations and non-governmental organizations, including in the issues directly related to entrepreneurial and social entrepreneurial activities. Our lawyers are also ready to assist in regulation of legal issues regarding volunteer relationships.

In case of using the services of the corporate law sphere, the lawyers of the Company carry out in depth and comprehensive study of the corporate problems, thus contributing to the development of corporate and anti-corruption legal culture, internal, including anti-corruption compliance policies and procedures, legal rehabilitation and development programs, new corporate management skills including those directed to legal regulation of the governing body of your organization.

The lawyers of the Firm possess the necessary background for the development; implementation and application of the corporate relations and in a considerably short time-frame our clients gain the reputation of leading organizations.