Trying to better understand the goals of its clients and minimize the clients’ time and risk in financial transactions, the Firm believes in developing long-term relationships based on genuine teamwork to realize the legal services for the client. The long-term legal services include:

  • Assessment of legal risks and introduction of proposals for their reduction or elimination.
  • Legal advice on all aspects of client’s activities.
  • Development and expertise of internal documentation, individual and internal legal acts, and contracts.
  • Participation in negotiations, meeting and discussions.
  • Preparation and servicing legal opinion on the clients’ activities and transactions, including the investment programs.
  • Representation of the Client’s rights and interests in the state and non-governmental bodies and organizations, including the courts, commercial arbitration, etc.

The long-term service will provide opportunity to simplify and facilitate your activities, as well as to save time and funds. The Firm will help you to manage the risks of financial losses. We shall offer reasonable solutions that will protect your business and promote to enhance your business reputation and increase confidence.

Predictability and security of your business is the advantage of long-term cooperation with our Firm. Our lawyers will support you from the inception of your company till its development.

Our experts will help you choose the optimal package of long-term legal services provided by our Firm.