The firm provides consultancy on all spheres of its activities, receives the visitors and compiles legal documents. Consultancy is provided in the office of the Firm based upon the preliminary arrangement with the lawyer of the corresponding sphere, through the phone-call made on a special phone number, or by e-mail.

Consultancy provided by the Firm includes in-depth study of existing documents, the legal analysis of the problem and providing detailed consulting, including on the settlement of specific issue by the international legal acts.

During the consultancy the experts of the Firm clarify the rights and responsibilities of the parties, the favorable and unfavorable effects arising from them, interpretation of the law or its specific provisions, as well as recommends effective ways for the solution of the problem through the court as well as in extra-judicial order.

As a result of consulting provided by the Firm, our Clients receive replies to the questions as “what to do or what rights and responsibilities they have” in the framework of specific legal relation.