The Firm provides services to its clients in drafting different legislative acts (laws, decisions, regulations, etc.), as well as conducts expertise of the existing drafts and suggestions.

The experts of the Firm draft the legislative acts in compliance with the demands of the rules of legal technique and according to the principles indicated by the client. They introduce these drafts in different discussions and hearings, carry out the expertise of the already existing draft legislative acts and give expert’s opinion on their compliance with other legislative acts of the RA, international treaties, and international legal norms as well as with other documents and principles indicated by the client.

When necessary, the Firm’s experts require and get from the client and/or from the developer of the legal act all the necessary documentation and other materials related to preparation of the definite project to conduct the legal expertise.

On Client’s request the Firm can organize public discussions of the issue subject to legal regulation of the legislative act. Such discussions are aimed to informing the natural and juridical persons about the draft normative legal act, as well as to collect their opinions and based on it to conduct the necessary improvements of the normative legislative act.

The services provided by the company also include the development of a package of legislative proposals for the improvement of the normal activities of customers, in particular for the legal entities, presentation to the relevant state bodies and their advocacy.