The Firm provides services on all issues of civil law including property and incorporation rights, transactions, agreements, liabilities, inheritance, international private law, etc.

Based on the clients best interests and in accordance with law and business practices, the Firm sings, amends or terminates various civil contracts, executes all necessary activities on prevention of adverse effects related with drafting, signing, amending and termination of transactions; realizes registration of property rights, including registration of property, lease and mortgage rights for the citizens and legal companies, as well as compensation cases for the damages caused to the natural person or legal entity or their property.

The Firm’s lawyers have significant experience in the insurance sphere. Our lawyers will assist in designing, signing or terminating the insurance contract, as well as in appraisal of the legal matters related to reduction or rejection of the insurance and indemnity compensation.

The Firm provides expert services in drafting civil law reforms; drafting and expertise of legal acts, as well as in the issues of application of international legal instruments of civil law, etc.