The Firm has vast experience representing clients’ interests in Arbitration and Mediation courts, other state and non-governmental bodies and organizations. The Firm represents its clients in the RA courts of all instances, in economic court, all governmental bodies, as well as in the European Court on Human Rights, other international courts and organizations, in international arbitrations.

It also fulfills all the necessary procedures provided by the law for filing and introducing the claims, complaints and other documents, represents the clients’ interests in executory processes, and follow the realization of the court decisions.

The Firm has experience successfully representing clients in complex negotiations, Alternative Dispute Resolution and mediation.

Our lawyers representing the clients use the institute of judicial precedents and thus provide a better grounded and predictable legal assistance.

Through delegating the problems of your Company to our Firm, you will avoid the involvement in long-term processes of protection of your rights and will concentrate on the development of your business.

The firm provides representation services to legal and natural persons.