The winners of the tenth jubilee Scientific Conference for the Law Students “Advocacy: Current State and Prospects for its Development in the Republic of Armenia,” are determined. The theme of the conference this year was “Law Firms: The Armenian and External Experience, Development Trends.” The Armenian Young Lawyers Association, the Law Foundation of Armenia and “Legal Alliance” Law Firm were the organizers of the conference as during the past years.

Miss Margarita Yandyan, the third year student of Armenian-Russian Slavonic University was recognized the winner of the Conference. Her report focused on how the law firms contribute to the development of advocacy activities: “My report referred to the organizational legal forms of the advocacy activities, methods of collecting the honorariums, as well as the role of the law firms for the development of the advocates’ code of conduct.”

Member of jury Karen Zadoyan, AYLA President, noted the increase of the knowledge of participants as compared with the past years: “The Scientific Conference has its significant role and importance in the development of the advocate’s professionalism. The professional knowledge develops gradually. Our students carry out a more in-depth study of the material, prepare their reports thoroughly, develop critical approach and mark the ways for the development.”

The members of the jury were guided by clearly defined criteria to define the winners. The knowledge of the material, its correct application and time management etc. were considered.

Miss Ruzanna Gziryan, the 2nd year student from the European Academy of Regional Education was recognized the second.

“I am participating in such contest for the first time. I was expecting to advance to the oral round; however, I did not think that I shall be a prize winner. I spoke about the law firms, the problems of their management and about the factors that influence on their development.”

Mr. Vrezh Gasparyan, Chief Adviser to the RA NA Speaker, has been a member of jury of the Conference for years. He assessed the preparedness of the participants as satisfactory: “We, as the initiators shall try to create motivation, so that the next year’s participant’s topics shall be more sound and in-depth.”

It was difficult for the members of the jury members to choose the winners, because the number of well prepared reports was notable.

According to Advocate Syuzanna Soghomonyan, the organizer of the Scientific Conference, it is already an established tradition. It has become a republican event and law students From Yerevan as well as from the universities of the RA marzes can participate: “The main objective is to promote the students to carry out research and analysis, understand the problems, legislative gaps that exist in the sphere, as well as to provide opportunity to introduce unique recommendations referring to the existing problems.”

The Conference consists of two rounds: written and oral. 30 students had applied for participation in the conference. 15 applicants introduced their reports in time. The authors of the best 5 reports were authorized to take part in the final, oral round.

Mr. Karen Zadoyan, AYLA President, founder of the Scientific Conference, awards the annual “Special Prize” of the scientific conference, which he established, to one of the participants whom he considered the best.

Miss Ruzanna Gzireyan, who won the second place of the conference, was awarded the prize this year.

She was awarded the prize for referring to an important problem in her report: “As it was mentioned, this prize is provided to the participant whose report includes an important and unique issue, or who attracts the attention of the jury with his/her speech.  My case was associated with the written report. I had mentioned a really important problem that the law firms shall not publicize their clients’ information.”