Today, the School on Practical Skills for Young Lawyers was accomplished. It lasted for two months. The young lawyers got acquainted with almost all branches and obtained practical skills. They visited the governmental and non-governmental bodies.

The founder of School on Practical Skills for Young Lawyers Mr. Karen Zadoyan, President of “LEGAL ALLIANCE” Law Firm, summarized the activities of the school. He, together with his partners- lecturers of the school handed the diplomas to the graduates. The students answered the questions what the school gave them and which were the shortcomings in their opinion.

Lilit Fanarjyan: I saw a lot of peculiarities at school. Specifically, the skills which we obtained have become a key in our hands. For example, we learned drafting different documents, which we shall need in our future practical work. The school has given me more than I expected. I have confidence in myself that I already can deal with legal activities.

Taguhi Piruzyan: The school met our expectations, because it was going to give us practical skills and it does. In addition, we received answers to many questions related to the theoretical principles. We learned a lot of things, filling our gaps. For example, I filled in the gaps of my professional activities, which were associated with the drafting the documents and interpretation of laws. Referring to shortcomings, I can only point that the tasks were not provided in written form, but this is more an organizational problem.

Ani Arshakyan: First of all I found friends at school and obtained practical knowledge. To be frank, I do not want to speak of shortcomings. In addition, there was opportunity to get acquainted with the state authorities. Many lawyers gave us different sorts of advice which we shall need in future. Visists to public bodies were really effective.

A student: I had a little practice in the past. I am currently working and the knowledge gained at workshops helped me, I do a lot of things based on my teachers’ advice.

Ani Harutyunyan: The shortcoming that I would like to point is that the time was short but the volume of materials was large. What were the good things I gained her is that I expected to receive knowledge and the school provided such knowledge to me. I learned drafting contracts and agreements, as well as complaints and appeals. I must say that the environment was very favorable.

Armanush Ghazaryan: I do not agree with the terms of time. I believe that the knowledge we received at school was scheduled just for the time planned for the school. My expectations from the school were fulfilled.

Astghisk Baghdasaryan: The school gave me new knowledge and skills, which I did not have. It was very effective.

Shushanik Shahinyan: First of all, close friends. In addition, I was able to directly deal with more practical activity. Specifically, with regard to contracts, I should say that I more specifically and precisely got acquainted with application of law. Of course, I cannot say that it was a good teaching, and my point of view and in terms of time, but nevertheless I got certain knowledge.

The School on Practical Skills for Young Lawyers organized by the “LEGAL ALLIANCE” Law Firm.

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